Do It Yourself WordPress Hosting

Are you interested in constructing your very own website but require local assistance to set up and configure WordPress? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution tailored for startups and home-based businesses aiming for a swift and efficient launch.

Our comprehensive package encompasses the following features:

  • WordPress Installation: We handle the seamless installation of the WordPress platform.
  • Custom Domain Setup: We assist you in configuring your unique domain.
  • Theme Selection: We help you choose an appropriate theme based on your business requirements.
  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Registration: We ensure your website is registered with Google Analytics and Google Search Console for enhanced visibility and analytics.
  • SEO Plugin Configuration: Our experts configure and optimize the SEO plugin to improve your website’s search engine rankings.
  • Tutorial Creation: We provide a detailed tutorial on your website, guiding you through the process of creating pages and adding content.
  • Backup Setup: We implement a robust backup system to safeguard your website’s data.
  • Security Setup: Your website’s security is paramount to us, and we take measures to set up a secure environment.
  • 50 GB Storage: Sufficient storage space to accommodate your website’s files and media.
  • 750 GB Transfer: Generous bandwidth allocation for seamless data transfer.
  • Unlimited Visitors: There are no restrictions on the number of visitors accessing your website.

By availing of this package, you can ensure a diverse and engaging website, featuring a blend of captivating and concise sentences. The content will be imbued with a sense of complexity and unpredictability, catering to your specific requirements.


$700/year or a monthly payment of $60.